Hydrating Therapy Deep Moisture Masque

Moisture Replenishing Masque


Bathe your hair in intense deep penetrating moisture of quinoa, the strength of silk and the protection of maracuja oil. This extra rich formula is sure to calm, hydrate and repair dry hair.  Use as directed by your stylist.
  • Silk Protein-reconstruct damaged areas to create a smooth cuticle while it  reinforces hair’s strength.
  • Maracuja Oil comes from the pressed kernels of passion fruit seeds and is rich in Vitamin A & C to treat dry scalp and encourage healthy hair growth and vitality.
  • Quinoa, an ancient grain found in the Andes Mountains of S. America offered in a new hydrolyzed protein that penetrates the cortex bringing moisture and deep repair into the hair.
Available Options: 
9 fl. oz.